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Nest Boxes for wildlife

Original Song By Kristine Allan
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my new album "Dragonfly"
released in 2011 click here
Nature facinates me, I have always loved
animals and plants.  I particularly find
the cycle of life and the changing seasons
wonderful and beautiful.
I began drawing at an early age, 
marvelling how a pencil and observation
can magically capture something special 
in time.  It is an inspiration to me to see
a scarlet robin, bright in winter, to hear
a Golden Whistler, calling through the air.
As habitat is increasingly under threat, I feel a responsibility to help protect our environment and native animals.  I make nest boxes for wildlife and install them on our 20acre bush property. 10% of all
my artwork sales go to makingnest boxes for wildlife.  and 10% to Birds Australia, to assist in the conservation and protection of Australian Native Birds.             
My husband and I live in a fully solar powered home. We have created a bird friendly garden in which many feathered visitors frequent. These birds are featured in my artworks.
I originally studied Botantical Art, progressed onto Wildlife and Abstract styles.  My abstract paintings explore emotion through colour and form.
I am also a singer/songwriter/guitarist to check out my solo music www.myspace.com/kristinemallan
Our band's music www.sleepingbeautyband.com